Students for the Second Amendment is a non-partisan, campus based, student organization.

Students for the Second Amendment is dedicated to educating  young people about their rights guaranteed  in the Constitution of the United States, especially that right that is the guarantor of all the others - the Second Amendment.    

Students for the Second Amendment is committed to instilling in students a love of country, the rule of law, and an understanding of not only their rights, but their obligations as freedom-loving individuals and citizens.

By sponsoring speakers, workshops, and events,  Students for the Second Amendment stands on the front lines in defense of freedom against the assault on our young people by the academic left.

Our  programs have introduced thousands of young people to the safe enjoyment of the shooting sports.   We have generated tens of thousands of dollars worth of earned media in print, television, and radio.   Most importantly, we have inspired a groundswell of pro-freedom, grassroots,  student activism on campuses across Texas and nationally. 

Students for the Second Amendment has established itself as a powerful advocate for liberty.   We are armed with common sense, truth, and the knowledge that what we are doing is essential to the preservation of our common heritage of freedom, and our founding father's legacy of liberty.


History of Students for the Second Amendment

Students for the Second Amendment(SF2A) was founded in December of 2000, in San Antonio, Texas. Since its founding, Students for the Second Amendment has grown from chapters on two campuses in South Texas, to chapters and state coordinators in twenty two states.

SF2A Founders, Ryan T. Bragg and Damaso Torres, both university students, wanted a vehicle by which they could organize and host bi-annual skeet and trap shoots for college and university students.

As these shooting events began to grow in size and attendance, SF2A began to experience a demand for information from interested students across the country as a result of extensive print and broadcast media coverage. Some students had already started Pro-Gun Rights groups and wanted to form a national federation. Others simply wanted help starting their own group.

It was the consensus among the SF2A Executive Board members at the time, that our priority should be developing strong, autonomous, campus-based, state organizations. The Board's experience had been, that typically, once a national organization is formed, and national officers elected, often the activism stops, and requests for stipends and expense accounts begin.

SF2A will work with any student who wishes to start a chapter on their campus by providing advice, start-up kits, affiliation agreements, assistance in battling hostile administrations, web space, graphic design work, and in rare cases, seed money.

It is still our belief that strong, independent, grass-roots organizations have the best potential for effective activism in defense of our cherished freedoms.

In August of 2002SF2A introduced its innovative, Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program. The goal of the program is to train college and university students to become NRA Certified Firearms Instructors.

Originally, the goal was for the Certified Instructors to go back to their campuses to offer training to their classmates, and others interested in learning more about the safe, competent, operation and handling of many types of firearms. Very quickly however, it was realized that the greatest need for this training was in youth serving organizations.

Our instructors volunteer their training services to programs outside of the academic community, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The 4-H Shooting Program, Youth Hunter Education Programs, Big Brothers & Sisters, Camp Fire USA, and JROTC organizations to name a few.

To date, the Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program has served over 4100 youth and adults in South Texas by introducing them to the safe enjoyment of the shooting sports.

More to come.

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