Students for the Second Amendment Supports Texas Wildlife Association's Youth Hunter Program.


On Saturday September 21st Students for the Second Amendment and The Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program joined with the Texas Wildlife Association's Youth Hunter Program, and inaugurated their first-ever Rifle Marksmanship and Safety Clinic.

The Instruction was led by NRA Certified Training Counselor, Fredd Bergman.
Bergman also serves as the Chairman of Alamo Area Friends of NRA, and is a member of the SF2A Advisory Board.
Bergman was assisted by SF2A Executive Director, Damaso Torres.
Torres is a NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Texas Wildlife Association representatives Wendy Dahlke, Associate Director of the Texas Youth Hunting Program, and Bob Koenig, program volunteer, were on site all day to support the class and provide lunch.

Twelve young hunters and their parents attended the six hour clinic. Topics covered included; basic safety, maintaining proper site picture, breath control, and properties of ammunition.

Safety was the main topic of the day.
Students practiced safely clearing and passing firearms to each other.

The students and parents were thrilled when NRA National Director, Susan Howard-Chrane dropped by and spoke on the subject of preserving our national heritage of hunting and bearing arms. Mrs. Howard-Chrane is well known for her starring role on Dallas, as well as her tireless fight in defense of the Second Amendment. Mrs Howard-Chrane personally congratulated each person in the room for their dedication to those freedoms.

Here SF2A Executive Director, Damaso Torres introduces Mrs. Howard-Chrane.

Everyones favorite part of the class was the time spent on the shooting range.

Bergman talks with students and their parents about the results of their shooting.

This program has been judged an unqualified success. Plans are already in the works for the next class.

If you are a member of an organization interested in Basic Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, or Firearm Safety Instruction, contact the Students for the Second Amendment office at:

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