Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program Trains
Alamo Area Scouts in Marksmanship & Safety

Ready on the right! The range master’s loud command caught twelve-year-old Matthew Walls by surprise. The boy thought back to the classroom portion of his lesson earlier in the day. Breathing ...Sight picture...

Ready on the left! The boy wiped away a bead of sweat that suddenly ran down his nose. The heat of a South Texas Memorial Day was yet another factor the young shooter had to deal with. Ready on the firing line! Matthew resisted the temptation to glance down the firing line at his fellow scouts. Instead he focused on the position of the sights on his Marlin .22 rifle.

Shooters, Commence Fire! This was it. Finally, after three long classroom hours of safety, rifle parts, functions, and basic marksmanship lectures, Matthew was going to do what he came to do. Squeeze, don’t pull, he thought, let out half a breath...a little more pressure on the trigger... Matthew squeezed off his first round. He was surprised by the lack of kick and the light report of the gun. He squinted down range at his target. He couldn’t quite tell where the bullet had hit. No matter, he’d check when the relay was finished. All Matthew wanted now was to put another one down range. He was sure of one thing though; he was going to have a good day.

All across South Texas this scene is being played out over and over, thanks to the efforts of The Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program(CFIP). The CFIP is a project of Students for the Second Amendment(SF2A).

On Memorial Day, May 26, 2003, volunteers from the Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program conducted a six hour First Steps Rifle class for sixteen San Antonio Area Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. Girl Scout Troop 636, and Boy Scout Troops 90 & 360 were represented. Eight Scout Leaders attended the entire class as well.

All Scouts spent over two and a half hours in the classroom learning about firearms safety and basic marksmanship techniques.

All tuition, books, brochures, materials, and training were provided by the Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program at no charge to the students.

Training materials for the class were provided by NRA Youth Programs. All students went home with a big set of books and brochures.

Kelly Walls is the mother of Matthew Walls who participated in the First Steps Rifle class. She said of the class, “Every scout in our group enjoyed the class and expressed a desire to continue to develop their new skills. I recommend this program to any youth organization. Our highly skilled instructors ensured each scout learned the correct fundamentals of rifle handling, safety. and shooting.”

More classes are being scheduled. If you are the leader of a youth oriented group who is interested in professional training in firearm marksmanship and safety, contact us now.

Thank you to all those CFIP instructors to gave their Memorial Day holiday to help introduce the young scouts to the safe enjoyment of our nation's shooting heritage: David Kelly, Damaso Torres, and Ernest Roney. As well as Training Counselor, Fredd Bergman.

Thank you to John Howard at NRA Youth Programs for his priceless support of the CFIP and for sharing our vision for the future of youth shooting.

A special thank you to, A Place To Shoot: Shooting Range in San Antonio. They provided their classroom facility and range at no charge to the class.

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San Antonio, Texas 78221
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