Our Mission Statement

SF2A - FSU is a campus based, non-partisan, registered student organization. We are committed to educating students about their rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, especially those expressed in the Second Amendment. Through various events, we will make students aware of current issues and legislation and instill in them a love of country and a respect for the law. We will motivate others to become involved in the fight to preserve our freedoms, the very freedoms which inspired our founding fathers to draft the Bill of Rights. Our efforts will be focused on encouraging new comers to the world of safe firearm applications, and dispelling common misconceptions. SF2A - FSU is armed with common sense, truth, and knowledge. We hope to ensure that America’s next generation of leaders will be well informed defenders of our right to keep and bear arms. All activities and functions of SF2A-FSU shall be legal under University, local, state, and federal laws.