Henry Repeating Arms Donates Rifles to
Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program

Henry Repeating Arms President, Anthony Imperato with SF2A/CFIP executive officers at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.


Henry repeating Arms has been a great supporter of SF2A/CFIP over the past two years. Henry has donated several rifles in support of CFIP's Youth Shooting Programs, including eleven Henry MiniBolts, two Henry Lever Action .22 rifles, and two Henry "GoldenBoy" rifles in .22 caliber.

Students for the Second Amendment is extremely grateful to Henry Repeating Arms, President, Anthony Imperato, and Chairman, Louis Imperato.


Read letter from SF2A/CFIP to Anthony Imperato, CEO of Henry Repeating Arms.


Learn more about Henry Repeating Arms and their top-of-the-line firearms here.

Please support Henry Repeating Arms as they support SF2A/CFIP and our fast-growing youth shooting programs.


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