Students for the Second Amendment
defends our Heritage of Freedom.

Students for the Second Amendment (SF2A) is fully engaged in the battle to preserve our firearms rights. In recent weeks, SF2A members have been involved in registering new voters, walking neighborhoods distributing information for pro-gun rights candidates, writing letters-to-the-editor, and many more activitites in defense of freedom.

SF2A Members register new voters at the SAXET Gun Show in San Antonio, Texas.

In the coming weeks leading up to the November elections, SF2A members will continue thier fight in defense of freedom. We will continue to distribute candidate information at gunshows in Austin and san Antonio. Blockwalks for pro-gun rights candidates are scheduled every weekend from now until election day.

SF2A distributes pro-freedom information in Austin, Texas.

Here is the reason we do, what we do.


Students for the Second Amendment thanks SAXET Trade Shows for their generosity in allowing us space at their gun shows in San Antonio and Austin.

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