Sponsors & Participating Organizations

Founders Circle

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership ~ The Claremont Institute

The Houston Safari Club ~ The NRA Foundation ~ Beretta USA

The Institute For Legislative Action ~ NRA Youth Programs

Henry Repeating Arms ~ Walther USA ~ Smith & Wesson


Gold Level Sponsors

National Rifle Association ~ National Shooting Sports Foundation

Howard Leight Industries ~ Millett Sights ~ Hornady Manufacturing

Fiocchi Ammunition ~ Brunton ~ Fobus USA ~ Daisy Outdoor Products

Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife ~ Texas Skeet Shooters Association


Silver Level Sponsors

The Sportsman's Warehouse ~ SAXET Gun Shows

Remington Ammunition ~ Savage Arms ~ Remington Arms

Winchester Ammunition ~ Federal Ammunition

Stanley Hips & Longhorn Targets ~ Texas Thunder Range

Texas Guns~ Texas State Rifle Association


Bronze Level Sponsors

Shooting Sports ETC ~ The San Antonio Rifle & Pistol Club

South Texas Marksmanship Training Center

Alamo Arms Collectors ~ San Jacinto Materials

Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program ~ Texas Field Archery Association

Texas Wildlife Association ~ Texas Youth Hunter's Program

The Second Amendment Foundation ~ Second Amendment Sisters

Citizen's Commitee for the Right to Keep And Bear Arms

Safe Harbour Diesel Repair (Key West, FL)


Please support these generous organizations and donors as they continue to support Students for the Second Amendment, the Collegiate Firearms Instructor Program, and the future of youth shooting sports in America.

Special Thanks to:

Congressman Henry Bonilla ~ Congressman Ron Paul ~ Hon. Jerry Patterson
Hon. Frank Corte Jr. ~ Hon. Ken Mercer ~ Hon. Bob Barr ~ Mr. Ted Nugent,
Dr. John Lott ~ Hon. Mike Novak ~ Texas Ranger, H. Joaquin Jackson (Ret.)
U.S. Marshal, Jack Dean ~ Sgt. Major George Becquet (USA Ret.)
Capt. Ernest Roney (USN Ret.) ~ Mr. Gary Mehalik ~ Mr.Paul Pluff
Mr. Jason Kinsler ~ Ms. Jaronn Nelson ~ Mrs. Rosemary Herr
Mr. Jay Ports ~ Ms. Janice Everhart ~ Mr. Mo Parsons ~ Mr. Dan Mosley

Mr. Dwight Engelhardt
~ Mr. Brad Howard ~ Mr. Chris Robertson
Ms. Paula Dangler ~ Mr. Al Russo ~ Mr. Joe Waldron ~ Mr. Alan Gottlieb

Mr. Todd Bieter ~ Ms. Marinelle Thompson ~ Mr. Darrin Brown
Mr. Norm McMinn
~ Mr. Al Minneman ~ Mr. Jon Clark

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